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dynamiccoinsdynamiccoins Posts: 65

I've a Renault Scenic (the older megane model) and am looking for a rear mounted bike carrier for two adult and two child bikes.

I've looked around and there are various options but I wondered if anyone had the same car and had any experiences.

One thing - I know that getting a toebar and attaching a carrier to that may well be a better solution, but the cost is a lot more and not one I think I can justify.


  • madtammadtam Posts: 141
    Perhaps not a lot of help, but I would agree that the towbar mounted option is the best option and one that can follow if you change cars regularly (provided you always get a towbar fitted to future cars).
    Yes it is expensive, but having to get a new carrier when you switch cars isn't ideal (not all carriers fit all cars) and towbar mounted ones are generally more solid and more flexible for mounting different bike shapes and sizes.
    I went through different vehicles and different carriers before biting the bullet and paying out for a solid carrier that has proved very flexible and able to carry 5 bikes on occasion. I have never regretted it and still use it today. I find the towbar has come in useful as well as I know people with trailers so have borrowed them on occasion.
    I would suggest that roof mounted carriers are probably the next most stable type but difficult to load and don't do much for fuel economy on a run.
    Rear mounted carriers are now most copmmonly available but really require you to try before buying if at all possible. Preferably you actually need to get the bikes on them as smaller framed and Y framed kids bikes can be difficult to hang. If using mounting straps just check what weight they have on them and what they are actually hanging off. I have seen straps that are direct to glass panels and I hate to think what could happen if they take a bit of a knock when they are weighted.
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