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Rose CRS 4400

peteonepeteone Posts: 152
edited June 2012 in Road buying advice
So I'm in the market for a new bike and realy like the look of the Rose CRS 4400. Just wondering if anyone owns one? Any opinions.

I've read the bike radar review and it looks like my type of bike.

I'd obviously like to try one but as far as I know they have no retail outlets. Any ideas? I don't fancy spending 2k to find out it's not for me.

Cheers :)
Cervelo R3
Giant TCR SL
Ibis Tranny


  • richard36richard36 Posts: 346
    Pete, not sure where you live but you could contact the UK rep for Rose who is Finlay Paton and his email address is [email protected].

    In his last email to me he said

    Here's what should be coming

    Xeon CRS 4400 Carbon 53cm White
    Xeon RS 3000 55cm Black yellow
    Pro RS 2200 57cm White
    Xeon RS 3100 57cm Black yellow
    Xeon CRS 4400 57cm Carbon
    Pro SL 2200 59cm
    Xeon RS 4400 59cm
    Xeon RS 3000 61cm

    Email him and see if he can help
  • peteonepeteone Posts: 152
    That's great, thanks for the info Richard.

    I'll drop him an email.

    Thanks :)
    Cervelo R3
    Giant TCR SL
    Ibis Tranny
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