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Rockrider 5.2 2012

petebetrospetebetros Posts: 3
edited June 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hello chaps.

So I've been looking through all the budget/ starter MTB recommendation threads and I think I'm det on the Rockrider 5.2.

However many of those recommendations and reviews seem to be for the previous model than what is currently available - the 2012 one with the curved frame.

Just wondering if anyone has opinions as to whether this new version is of the same standard as the old?

Thanks lads.


  • danlightbulbdanlightbulb Posts: 701
    I have had one since xmas.

    To be fair its a decent bike and all the components have stood up well. The brakes have had alot of fettling however due to them being fairly weak. I also replaced the tyres quite quickly with better knobblys.

    Obviously I don't know your financial situation or your intended use, but as good as it is for £230, I wish I had spent a bit more and got a bike with hydraulic discs and better forks.
  • Thanks, went and picked one up in the Reading store (whose bikes were in an infinitely better condition than Surrey Quays) and am pretty pleased with it :)

    I see what you mean about the brakes though....
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