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North shore near Plymouth

fibrefibre Posts: 20
edited June 2012 in Routes
Can anyone suggest where there might be some north shore type trails near Plymouth. I have read about at least one site on another website but am not certain where they were talking about.

PM's instead of direct answers would be fine.



  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Janners don't ride north shore, Union street would be good.
  • neekoneneekone Posts: 3
    You tried Plym Bridge Woods?
  • fibrefibre Posts: 20
    Was looking slightly further out than cann/Plymbridge woods. I was hoping to add something different to my normal runs on the moor and I know there are some up that way
  • fyldesmurffyldesmurf Posts: 412
    tavi woodlands has some big northshore drops if that's what you're after
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