recovery times for a broken ankle

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Last Sunday I broke my ankle after doing a wheelee and bailing out when it got too high. I jumped off the back and all the force or landing badly went through it and broke the ankle in the bones either side so is an unstable fracture. I am waiting for the surgery to pin the bones and hopefully get in the walking boot quicker.
My question is this: When is it likely I can get back on the mountain bike and start hammering those trails again? My specialist says 2 and a half to 3 months. Has anyone else had a simular fracture and how long till they were up to full fitness again?
Of course everyone is different but im sure somone on here has had a broken ankle.


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    nasty !
    Similar situation...I busted my ankle running a week ago...week of doing absolutely nothing has driven me to dispair :twisted: !
    Luckily its not broken (sorry yours is dude!) but a tendon tear and looking like 5-6weeks before I can back on it....hoping to start "gentle" excersise on the road bike way before that tho !
    Take it is mate !
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    Tendons can be worse than a clean break. Get better soon guys.
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    yeh thats what the doc hoping its not a full blown rip
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    Realistically you'll probably looking at the best part of 3 months unfortunately, but it will depend on how bad the fracture is/what mechanism it heals by/surgery/what and where they do it, whether you can get a boot etc.

    Worst thing is to push it too early though once the bone is supposedly mended, you'll damage your muscles and connective tissues if you do that. Not to mention after the bone has finsihed healing, if it's been immobilised it's going to be made of cheese for a while until it starts load bearing properly again so it'll take some time to get it up to a decent strength again.
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    Main thing is to listen to your body and you'll know when you can ride and when to push it etc.
    I snapped my Achilles in August last year and was off the bike for 4 months. Even now it is tight and still healing.

    Bones in general are not quite as bad, but the feeling of how much you can push when will probably be as instinctive.

    Make sure you get full stability and functionality in the surrounding muscles once on your feet again as having a ankle joint immobile for a length of time sure does damage in the stability department.
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    broke my tibia and fibia march 31st 2008. had an op to fit pins and a rod in my leg april 4th 2008. started walking again without crutches may 20th 2008. didnt start any sort of physical activity till mid july that year.

    dont try and rush yourself back on your bike. your body will tell you when your ready
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    I had the operation last friday and it went really well, It's Monday and I didn't feel much pain so haven't had to have many painkillers today. Im going back in two weeks so will hopefully be in the boot. I gonna have to try really hard not to push my body too hard.
    Let the bones heel slowly and I hopefully won't have any reoccuring problems in the future.

    Did you do any exercises to keep your quads strong? I have raising the leg straight and holding for five seconds and tensing the knee anything else?