Dura Ace 9000 Cassette & wheel design

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I cannot quite get my head round this.
Shimano still sell their current 7900 wheels that are not compatable with their new 11sp setup (according to the BR review @ the official launch) and as the new freehub is higher to allow for the extra spocket - it surely wont be as simple as a retrofit freehub for all those Mavic/Fulcrum wheels out there either! there wont be the space will there?
DT Swiss have a new design of rear hub for the new cassette, so they dont see it as simple swop out.
Ok so it looks like the new system can be used with 10sp cassettes - with adjustment - but that sort of removes the point of going 9000 doesnt it? and how long will Ultegra or higher 10sp cassettes be available?
Just seems an own goal, why not do what Campag did and keep the freehub dimensions the same and produce a new chain?
I understand that nothing stands still but to make a load of top end wheelsets obsolete overnight seems madness.
Now where did i see that SR grp set on offer :lol:


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    Maybe Campagnolo could afford to as their cassettes have always been wider than the Shimano ones, hence fitting that extra sprocket was easy.
    Wouldn't worry about availability of 10 speed cassettes, the choice will be smaller over time, but there will be plenty... I have decided to go back to 9 speed and have no problem in finding spares. 8 starts being a problem, but even there a couple of minutes of search allow you to find what you need
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