Cat-Eye Wireless Comp Set-up

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Hi guys,
Having just recalibrated my ‘velo wireless’ after yet another battery change, I referred to the manufacturer’s instructions and calibrated using the ‘detailed set-up’ instead of the ‘quick set-up’ previously used.
Went for a spin last night and I noted that the ‘current speed’ readings seemed to be higher than I thought I was travelling in relation to when I was configured on the ‘quick set-up’ however, the average speed kept very low despite good proportions of the ride being well above the average speed (Ave read at 15.4 and a good 60-70% of the ride was reading between 18 and 30 mph). I checked the stats before I hit any large lumps on the return journey and nothing had changed.

My main question is “What is the difference between the ‘quick set-up’ and the ‘detailed set-up’?
I threw a few maths formulas into the mire last night and calculated a 4.7% difference but this doesn’t seem to be a large enough level of inaccuracy.

Has anybody else experienced mass differences in readings?


  • jonomc4
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    It depends on where you are riding - today into work I was doing 20 - 24mph on the flat, Max speed of 36mph - but the average for the 11 mile journey was 16.7 - I think that basically that time spent at traffic lights etc make the average speed thing pointless.