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Argon18 Krypton. Campag Centaur.

jimmybloomjimmybloom Posts: 82
edited June 2012 in Your road bikes
So after growing up on a BMX, getting a mountain bike a few years ago and then an old road bike as a commuter it's now come to this.......
She was sitting in the LBS for quite a while and I could hear her whispering my name whenever we crossed paths. So after a few ebay clear outs, a bit of cyclescheme trickery and overtime at work, she was all mine! :D
All that's left now is to convince the Mrs it was a necessary purchase...but that is and will be an ongoing battle when it comes to bikes!!

photo(1) by jimbloomfield84, on Flickr

Hope you can appreciate her beauty like I do!


  • vespariovespario Posts: 228
    Nice looking bike. Love the Argon 18s and you don't see too many of them!
    Happy riding!
  • red dragonred dragon Posts: 263
    Impressive, nice.
  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    Nice ride. Welcome to the argon club.
  • mattwoodmattwood Posts: 148
    Welcome to Argon 18 ownership!

    My Krypton is sadly in the garage - but I hope to get out on it soon once its repaired! (i got hit by a van while on it :( !!)
  • jimmybloomjimmybloom Posts: 82
    Thanks chaps, to say i'm happy with it would be a massive understatement!!

    Sorry to hear yours is in the shop mate, hopefully the damage wasn't bad and you'll be out on her again soon!!
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