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10th MTB Hillclimb to Mt Zavizan in Croatia from 0 to 1594 m

akan12akan12 Posts: 24
edited July 2012 in XC and Enduro
This most popular Croatian amateur MTB race shall start for the 10th time on Saturday June 23rd from the port in Senj and one half an hour later from the village Oltari 940 mtrs higher. Finish line for all is at the mountain refuge Zavižan at 1594 m. Trails are 38 and 17 km long.
Good idea about the race and the countryside can be found searching Youtube for " Uspon na Zavizan " and " Velebit ".
Quite a few cheap airlines fly to the neighbouring airports Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Trieste.
Info on accommodation and the race at : .
Two weeks later on July 7th another more strenuous 100 km MTB race follows the same path and continues for another 62 km through the National park Northern Velebit ending in Karlobag.


  • C0LL0C0LL0 Posts: 271
    Any races in august?
  • akan12akan12 Posts: 24
    There will be no race on this trek in August. You can bring your GPS device and to the trek alone and send the record of your accomplishment to:

    It shall appear as if you have participated in the race.

    Quite a number of interesting amateur races start around Croatia in August.
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