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Secure Parking in London

chad8053chad8053 Posts: 13
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How do I find good information about various secure bike parking in London? I'm not just talking about lockers (although they would be ideal), but also the well populated 2 tier parking systems at Euston look safe or anything similar.

I'm looking to ride around London as much as possible just to avoid the underground. This weekend, for example, I'm heading to Wembley for the football. Rather than queue with everyone else then spend an hour on trains, travelling 10 miles in total, I think I'd rather ride.

I've tried the TfL site which tells me where there is parking, but thats fairly useless. I could park my bike pretty much anywhere i want!




  • danmitchdanmitch Posts: 47
    You could try H2 Bike Run in Soho - I haven't used them yet but had a look around a few weeks ago. They offer "day rate" use as well as membership so worth a go probably. Secure parking is a struggle in London so I always use my Brompton now if I think that I will end up in town.

  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    On Your Bike at London Bridge has secure parking... I'm not really aware of many secure parking places in London available to the public. Most people just lock their bikes to Sheffield stands in the street. If your bike is too valuable for that then perhaps use Boris bikes?
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  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    I am so lucky - I have the on your bike facility (very good) in London bridge - i have secure underground parking at work - but generally I just park my bike at the desk next to me :)
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