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Twitchy Cornering

lockstock666lockstock666 Posts: 131
edited June 2012 in Commuting general
I've noticed over the past few days a strange feeling when cornering.

It happens around and above 20mph. The back wheel feels like it is very close to skidding sideways and if I didn't know better I'd say it feels like the whole wheel is bending as i go round the corner. Am I leaning too much? Not enough? I don't want the embarrassment or pain of a speedy off!

I find it very difficult to keep my rear tyre pressure high. Should there be any 'flattening' of the tyre when sat on the bike? Maybe I just need a gauge to see what my pressure is and what it should be. I'm also a bit scared to inflate it too much as I have had a problem with spokes after inflating my tyre! But that was a dodgy wheel which has been fine ever since a rebuild!

The tyres are Kenda 700 x 25. (What does '25' mean? :oops: )

Maybe I just stop whining and slow down when cornering? I blame Strava.


  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,069
    sounds like you have a slow puncture and/or dont inflate your tires enough. I'd get the wheel spoke tensions checked incase they have gone loose. Make sure the wheel is in secure and the quick-release done up tight.
    Take the old tube out, check the tire fully for damage and glass / stones etc, put in new tube and inflate to around 80-100 PSI (depends on weight and how much comfort you want!)...oh yeh your need a good footpump as well though thats a must for cycling anyway :D , shouldnt get any of the problems you said about.
  • optimisticbikeroptimisticbiker Posts: 1,657
    25 = 25mm width of the tyre.

    That back-end squirmy feeling is low tyre pressure. It needs to be at least 85psi but not more than 110 for a 700 x 25 tyre, I weigh 70kg and I have mine at around 95 which gives a good compromise between stiffness and comfort. A little experimentation is good.

    Get yourself a proper track pump, hand pumps are for emergencies only. One like this from Evans is under £20, its one of the essential tools:
    Invacare Spectra Plus electric wheelchair, max speed 4mph :cry:
  • lockstock666lockstock666 Posts: 131
    Wow you where right. I gave it a good pump last night before setting off from work. The difference was huge!

    A very enjoyable ride home!

    Scalped a roadie on my way in this morning. Yeah that tyre is staying rock solid from now on. :D
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