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Choice of Tyres

tank121tank121 Posts: 201
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Decision is down to two -

Panaracer Fire XC pro

Weight 590g


Schwalbe Nobbly Nic 26 x 2.10

My current route is 7.5miles, a total of 3.5 on road to reach the offroad, then loose stones, rocks and trail.

Which be the best option and cheapest place to get them?


  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    When you say rocks what do yo mean? If they are sharp I`d go for something with a tough carcass.
    Having said that I`ve ridden rock boulder strewn trails at Afan with Nobby Nics and Racing Ralphs.
    Given the amount of road riding to get to the trail,I`d be tempted to go with a fast rolling tyre.
    If the trail is dry,and the rocks not pointy,my combo of Nobby Nic front ,Racing Ralph rear works well.
    If the rocks are sharp you might be better off with the Panaracers,or the Schwalbes in double defence versions.
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  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Anyone else care to share their opinion and where is the cheapest place?
  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Don't think rocks are too sharp Kendas handle them fine.
  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Spiderman where's the cheapest place to buy that combo you talk about?
  • ebay always has both.. that's where i get mine from. ... 4ab82fa6cc ... 4ab82fb5ac

    Just look for a pair that look like they've just been out for a few miles.

    I don't buy new tyres these days.. don't see the point for the sake of a few rides.
  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Well won both the tyres mentioned on the bay,total 25 plus p+people hope they arrive for the weekend.
  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Both tyres fitted oh what fun it is doing the rear. Next time I must remember to turn bike upside
    Down rather than do it in the maintenance stand.

    Any tips for these Schwabe links to the tyres I bought from ebay above.
  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Will they be ok for tomorrow. It's supposed to be a little dryer I believe.
  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
    Tyres were certainly much quicker on the road section. Not sure about the fest of my route yet, more riding needed.
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