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USA Gran Fondo/Sportives?

hatonehatone Posts: 228
I'm exploring the idea of going over to the US to ride a Gran Fondo or sportive.

Does anyone know of any good events, either this Summer or next year they'd recommend? I would prefer rides over 100 miles.

Looked at:
Gran Fondo USA (though the distance is too short)
Hotter 'n' Hundred - August not really ideal
Levis's Gran Fondo - ?

Any suggestions?



  • bikergirl17bikergirl17 Posts: 344
    1. the death ride in california. haven't done it, but supposed great. 129 miles, 15,000 feet.

    2. gran fondo new york. although this year got some really negative reviews and is overpriced. plus, as a native new yorker, i don't find the route terribly exciting although the bear mt bits are pretty -- but def not english countryside. i think from out of town could be awesome, esp if you hop over the george washington bridge. ... view/56786

    3. my friend has done two in the midwest -- horribly hill hundred (can ask her the name of the other). out in wisconsin.

    if you are interested in multi days, there are two in colorado each summer ... ride the rockies is literally next week. the routes change every year. have cycled a good part of the rockies there, and very different than the alps. nowhere as steep, but you are at some serious altitude.

    my friend swears by ragbrai, which is a ride across cornfields in iowa. will leave it at that.
  • hatonehatone Posts: 228
    Thanks bikergirl17

    Death ride looks pretty cool. Definitely will investigate doing this in 2013 as well as squeezing in a little holiday break. :D
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