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Training and living in london

skaboy607skaboy607 Posts: 24

First time poster here. I currently live in Uxbridge (West London) so do a lot of my training in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire etc. I have just graduated and am due to move to Central London, hopefully Clapham North.

How do people train in London, where do they go etc? I like the sound of Clapham North because it looks like I can head out to Surrey on long rides at the weekend's but would still need to get out past the M25. Not sure what I would do in the evenings.




  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 26,817
    I used to live in Uxbridge and now in Richmond

    The 5 AM ride to Box Hill during the week is becoming a new classic to avoid the traffic and be back before work. In the evenings you can head to Richmond Park.
    In winter all is tougher of course
  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,069
    welcome to bikeradar :=)
    I to live in London (eastside) and yes getting out is bit of a mission; I head north till the northside of the A12 and it all becomes more scenic.
    Well Claphams not central London by any means (though good choice on location) but you should be able to head south / south west into Surrey. Traffic being the major issue, but you have a few options with Cycle superhiways and bike lanes; check out TfL website where you can get free maps; can also downloads apps with cycle lanes / routes to use.
    really just a case of trying lots of routes and finding the best ones.
    early mornings obvious ideal but no way I'm out by 5am....need to be in-bed by like half 8 :shock:
  • andy_nDandy_nD Posts: 40
    Clapham to Richmond takes about 20 minutes on the bike. From there you've got the park, flat/fast main roads (mostly lit for evenings) out to the west, or hillier routes south into Surrey.

    Otherwise head south east - you'll be about 30 minutes away from Elmers End via Crystal Palace. From there you can head south on the lanes out of West Wickham towards Kent, or follow the A232->A21 for tempo riding on the main roads towards Sevenoaks (good in the winter as it's well lit).

    Traffic getting to both will be heavy during rush hour but generally not so bad before 8am/after 7pm and I find it's a good chance to get warmed up. You might also find some good places along your commute - e.g. laps of Richmond park/Regents park/the nearest industrial estate.
  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    I live in Clapham as well. There are a couple of clubs near enough to ride with (Dulwich, Dynamo and Kingston are probably the largest) and as has been said a 1 hour training run will take you to Richmond Park, once around and home again.
  • NUFCrichardNUFCrichard Posts: 103
    I lived in Putney and agree that Richmond Park is great for evening runs. The Surrey hills are fun too.

    Now that I'm not in London I realise that London is not very good for cycling really. In most places Box Hill wouldn't be nearly so well known, but because there are few other options it has become cult!
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