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1000 m, 5 capitals of the Isles, not your everyday journey

HI I just wonder if anybody had some bright ideas ... we would like people to support us by coming us for a day or two ...
also if you know some places to put up posters ... would be more appreciated

It is a story of boldness and bloody mindedness… yes that’s me on a good day! I am organising a bit of a stir… cancer patients on their bikes, rolling across the country … to show that we can live well with cancer and you can take some control back. Yes, it is a deadly serious business, but life can’t be without laughter and fun.

THE RIDE…this time is all about raising awareness of physical exercise and healthy living during cancer treatment and beyond. At the moment there is little information available to encourage lifestyle changes after cancer diagnosis. There is a huge body of academic evidence that suggests eating and exercising regularly speeds recovery and improves quality of life during treatment and also significantly reduces the possibility of recurrence. The riders are individuals, all living with cancer diagnosis and treatments, along with our supporters. It will show that we have real quality of life despite undergoing treatment for cancer. We understand now that cancer is only part of our lives not all of it and we aim to highlight the importance of services for people who would like to keep active and/or make lifestyle changes in the course of dealing with cancer to maintain quality of life and improve outcomes.

The Ride aims to empower people to make a positive contribution to their own health through nutrition and active lifestyle. This not only improves their physical health but also improves their mental well-being, both of which we know have huge influence on quality of life and cancer outcomes. Leading by example, The Ride aims to inspire, and educate people living with cancer and also to influence changes in service provision in relation to diet and exercise.

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