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garmin cadence sensor problems

JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
edited May 2012 in Workshop
Garmin cadence has been working just fine until .....yesterday became a bit erratic, and today wasn`t picked up at all :( SO changed battery, reset unit, repeated `restart scan` on Edge 705 (and an old 305), nothing detected on eitehr Garmin unit >>>problem with sensor system ?? . Red light blinks OK on reset of sensor, 705 functions just fine. Any thoughts?
ta :)


  • EyoreroxEyorerox Posts: 43
    Change the battery?
    reload the software?
  • JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
    Battery changed, and software OK as Garmin works fine with another cadence sensor on other bike ..........
  • EyoreroxEyorerox Posts: 43
    The battery in the cadence sensor that does not work may need to be changed
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    When you say you reset the unit, did you put the battery in backwards for a few seconds? If not then try that trick.
    More problems but still living....
  • 1) Try moving away from the other bike - head unit may struggle to pick up the correct sensor.
    2) Remove battery for a couple of minutes to reset the GSC-10, then try repairing
    3) Replace battery
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