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888Ralphie888Ralphie Posts: 2
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Really interested in buying a boardman pro - is there any comparable bikes out there?
Best prices I have seen are around £1000 for Hybrid Pro (Large) in halfords and around £500-£600 second hand on ebay or similar site.
Is there anything out there that does the same thing that I should consider? Am I paying for the Boardman name....can I get an equivalent bike at a cheaper price.....? Can anyone advise.
Need to move quite quickly as want new bike well before 1 July where I am doing a charity bike ride from London Eye to Brighton ....HELP?!?!?! :x :?


  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    The Boardman range is typically extremely good value, compared to the other big brands, you get much better kit at a given price point.

    I'd seriously consider a road bike though, again , the boardman range is good.

    How tall are you btw? Halfords have a habit of putting people on bikes that are too big. 6 foot and above, the large will probably be right, but even at 6 ft, or under you'll possibly be better on a medium.

    "As I said last time, it won't happen again."
  • godders1godders1 Posts: 750
    Agree with Bails. You will hear stacks of people saying they bought a hybrid (thinking it would be “versatile”) and now wish they’d gone for a road bike (although I should say there are those who seem perfectly happy with their hybrids too).

    It’s annoying if that happens having spent £200-300, if you’re spending up to £1,000 I’d strongly suggest getting out and test riding a few different types of bike before committing.
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