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New Commuting Bike

triggy89triggy89 Posts: 2
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Hey guys first post here so be gentle with me :)

So ive just passed my probation at work ( in London) and now i am eligible for the cycle to work scheme.

But unfortunately I am only allowed to get the scheme as long as I order through one website. I have gone into a few shops and have been looking at some specialized bike in the region of £600-£700. But this website doesn’t stock any of the bikes I was currently looking at.

So I was wondering out of these which would you guys recommend as a package.

I would preferably like a setup with a nice frame as I can change the gears/ brakes etc at a later date. ( or if you can see any other bikes within my price range that are suitable then sling me a link and ill have a look. Also just to mention that I do not want a hybrid/mountain bike. Oh and no Fixies please.

This bike will primarily be used for commuting. It is also the first proper road bike I have bought so any advice is welcome.

Cheers all



  • corshamjimcorshamjim Posts: 234
    Cyclocross bikes often make good commuters as typically they're likely to take mudguards, a rack, and a bit fatter tyres than a skinny road bike will. Personally I'd probably be looking at the Giant TCX3 if I had your remit.

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy riding whatever bike you choose.
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