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Tour on the Champs Elysees

dsoutardsoutar Posts: 1,746
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I am in Paris for the final weekend of the Tour. Not going to bother going down to Chartres for the TT, I can do that in a bar but just wondering if anyone has tips for the Sunday (timing, where to stand, post race stuff etc)

Cheers in advance


  • BeatmakerBeatmaker Posts: 1,092
    It gets busy. Very busy. Find a spot early on and stick with it. I think we got there mid morning if I recall correctly. And were right on the front of the barrier. Its a great atmosphere and all but I wouldn't make a special trip to Paris just for the final stage, I'd rather see the race in the mountains and take the bike.

    I did manage to crash the Discovery Channel party for the TT the day before. We were in a bar and they started putting up Discovery Channel banners and sectioning off half of the venue. I asked what was happening and the staff told me all Discovery Channel staff and VIPS not on hand for the TT were having a function and watching the race there. At the time I was Sales Manager for a retailer selling Trek and managed to blag some invites for my girlfriend and I. The free drink was flowing and I got a little animated, and rather vocally started cheering for Big Jan, must to the disgust of the other guests! Unfortunately he was crushed in the TT by Armstrong, much to the delight of the other guests :D
  • Le CommentateurLe Commentateur Posts: 4,099
    By the riverside is OK, especially the point where they come off the Place de la Concorde at Quai des Tuileries, as the roadway is narrowest there. You won't see a big screen though, so will miss the sprint finish.
  • fnq59fnq59 Posts: 37
    We were there in 2008, just near the turnaround at the Arc de Triumphe, you don't see too much of the bikes but the atmosphere is terrific. Echo the advice above, get there early and hold onto your spot. Our little Aussie family befriended some Belgians who spoke English so they interpreted the PA for us which only enhanced the experience. Happy memories, it was also our honeymoon!!
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