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Sensible Chain Replacement BS

DmakDmak Posts: 445
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Hi Guys,

So, a while back I thought I'd buy a chain wear measurement tool and a new chain, all set to replace my chain as recommended like a good little cyclist.

Recently the indicator showed it was at .75 (whatever that is) so last night I replaced the chain. This morning the new one slipped, not excessively but enough to piss me off when pulling away from the lights and roundabouts.

So tonight the old one is going back on until it slips or breaks. I'll just have to replace the cassette when the time comes.

Just thought I'd share this, any thoughts, similar experiences appreciated.


  • DmakDmak Posts: 445
    lol great auto edit. Takes the piss a little bit ;)
  • DmakDmak Posts: 445
    I would delete this if I could. I see that there are a number of similar threads and the topic is probably getting very boring!
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