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Chinese Carbon Build

ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
edited July 2012 in Your road bikes
Slideshow: th_SDC11711.jpg
Carbon_Bicycle RB001 58cm frame 3k weave 1.2kg £274 shipped
Fitted Headset and stem
Fitted BB and cranks
Red chainset bolts
Wheels skewers seat post and seat fitted
Deda Fluida handlebars bottle cage and pump
Levers Brakes and peddles fitted, left platforms on peddles so I could test ride it with trainers.
Cut stem ( I may go lower but it measures the same overall length as my Allez)
Front mech 31.8mm band on Sora
Front brake cable done
Rear brake and gear cables
Gears adjusted
Deda red bar tape done
Did a quick few test rides up and down the road to test gears and brakes full test ride tomorrow.
Finished for now!

Frame: Carbon_Bicycle RB001 58cm frame 3k weave
Forks: Carbon_Bicycle forks supplied with frame so no item number
Bars: Carbon Ergo 44 C2C
Stem: Deda Zero 110cm oversize stem red
Headset: FSA supplied with frame but 1 1/8 top and 1 1/4 bottom bearings carbon fibre top cap
Bar Tape: Fizik red tape

Front Brake Lever: Tiagra
Front Caliper: Dia-Compe red anodised
Rear Brake Lever: Tiagra
Rear Caliper: Dia-Compe red anodised

Shifters: Tiagra
Cables: White
Front Mech: Sora 34.8mm band on
Rear Mech: Ultergra 6500 9 speed

Seat: Specialised Riva
Seat Post: Carbon 31.6mm
Seat Post Clamp: Red anodised

Cranks: Ultegra 175mm
Chainring(s): 50/34 compact
Chain: KMCZ51
Cassette: 11-28 Shimano 9 speed
Pedals: Shimano SPD M520
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Ultegra

Front Wheel: Kinetic one Aero 30mm deep section red wheels
Rim: Kinetic one
Spokes: Flat bladed
Hub: Formula R-Series hubs
Tube: lightweight
Tire: Shwalbe Ultremo ZX red 23mm

Back Wheel: Kinetic one Aero 30mm deep section red wheels
Rim: Kinetic one
Spokes: Flat bladed
Hub: Formula R- Series hubs
Tube: light weight
Tire: Shwalbe Ultremo ZX red 23mm

Accessories:Bottles carbon look Mattock.
Garmin Edge 800 with cadence and speed sensor computer.
Altura saddle bag
Leyzne red anodised mini pump

Weight: About 9kg (only weighed with me holding the bike on bathroom scales! but 1.6kg lighter than my Allez)

Other info: I spent around £560 as I used secondhand cranks bars and wheels tyres tubes brakes levers (new in box) already had pump bottle cage and peddles, everything else was new. All used parts have mow been replaced with new parts.


  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    Love the build story in pics and words. Interesting to see it coming together. Enjoy.
    Trek Madone 5.9
    Kinesis Crosslight T4
  • jacob2910jacob2910 Posts: 218
    nice car o and the bikes pretty nice too :)
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    Thanks guys the Trans Am up for sale onTrade it for £7.999 as I just don't use it I'm cycling every weekend instead now.
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    Well I went on a 20 mile test ride and I have to report the bike is great. Light responsive and fast everything works fine. I just had to readjust the stem to remove a rattle and I dropped the stem by 10mm to see how I get on with it before I cut it again. I took in a couple of testing hills which I need the 39/28 on the Allez and I got up that one on the 34/22 becuase the bike is 3lbs lighter than the Allez the next hill I went up on the big ring 50/22. I don't do that on the Allez so I am well pleased with my build.
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    I went for a 60 mile ride with my club yesterday and the new bike was great I had to trim the gears a bit as I had some clicking. I have an adjuster on the gear levers which is handy for adjusting gears while your riding. I went up the hills even faster then normal due to the lightness of the frame. Ride was comfortable and the lower stem position didn't give me any aches or pains no saddle problem so almost spot on I think I will put the stem back up for the next long ride to see what difference it makes before I cut any more off the stem. I do have a carbon seat post on it's way with no set back as my saddle is all the way to the front to achieve the tip of the saddle to BB postion and saddle tip to back of the bars length so this will give me some adjustment and more comfort. I may go carbon stem carbon bars next.
  • Excellent bike, am thinking of doing something similar myself... So very interested to read the story of your build! Cheers
    Current bike: 2014 Kinesis Racelight T2 - built by my good self!
  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    Nice looking bike, with the exception of the seat post clamp which is huge. To my eyes it looks out of place.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    Coolio... Stealth... :D:D:D:D
  • mac245mac245 Posts: 48
    Love the frame and the build. Would love to do something similar myself.

    Happy riding!
  • mcp73mcp73 Posts: 93
    Nice looking bike, with the exception of the seat post clamp which is huge. To my eyes it looks out of place.

    I concur. Is it a MTB quick release clamp? Clearly it's functional but to my taste it's a bit obtrusive.
    Great build though and well done! I did something similar a few weeks ago and it's a hugely satisfying process.
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    I have Replaced the clamp bit and nut on the seat clamp with a plain 6mm SS allen bolt and nut so it looks better now and lighter now, it has bugged me but I didn't want to just pay for another one and junk this one for the sake of looks so I'm happy with my new compromise. At the time I bought it I was looking for a hope red clamp in a 34.9mm but could only find the 31.8mm size I have since found one but it's twice the price of the one I got.

    I just wanted to put as much red as I could on to break up the black. This bike was built on a very tight budget as I didn't want to go made on my first build. aving said that it rides really good and I may put carbon bars and stem of next month when funds allow.
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    Plain 6mm stainlees steel Allen bolt.
    New bottle cages.
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    New carbon seat post with no set back as my saddle was fully forward on the old alloy one to try and get the correct postion.


  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    I done a few more mods carbon handlebars new glossy Fizik bar tape as the Deda stuff looked really grubby after only a month and 600 miles of riding. New Kinetic one Aero red wheels and Schwalbe Ultremo ZX red tyres, new red saddle bag and red Lezyne mini pump. Still not finished yet new chainset and rear mech arriving today.

  • The_JMLThe_JML Posts: 132
    Hi, would you be able to let us know where you got your frame from? ebay I am guessing right? and how was shipping etc, is there any warranty and how happy are you with the frame quality, stiffness etc? thanks, great bike by the way too!
  • Nice to see a sensibly equipped chinese carbon, really like what you have done. So often you see Chinese frame with several grand of kit on it.
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    I did indeed get the frame from Ebay here is a link to some of the seller road frames, mine is a FR001 3K weave carbon 58cm size . The frame took a month to arrive, there is no warrenty as such but if your frame arrives damaged or goes missing it will be replaced.

    I have done 600 miles now on this frame and I am starting to upgrade some of the used parts such as wheels and cranks I bought for this build because the frame is so good. It is very light 2kgs lighter than my Spesh Allez and does not flex at all. I am very happy with the frame the quality and ease of how everything fitted such as brakes and BB was frist class.

    I choose a frame that included an FSA headset and it is a tapered 1 1/8" top and 1 1/4" lower bearings. Tapered headsets are not easy to get over here, I bought 2 spare drop out just incase $3 as you cant goin a shop here and get one! I got my carbon handle bars seat post and stem all fron the same seller for a fraction of the price of carbon stuff in this country. He also use e baygoods and a baygoods user names on Ebay. All these bits arrived in a week and are great quality. ... =816064709
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    Nice to see a sensibly equipped chinese carbon, really like what you have done. So often you see Chinese frame with several grand of kit on it.

    Thanks I started out spending as little as possibale as money is tight. Some of my parts were used such as wheels, brakes, handlebars and cranks these have all now been replaced with new parts. I still went for cost effetive parts for these, Carbon Handlebars £37 carbon seatpost £22.50 wheels were £200. I just can't bring myself to spend £300 to £500 on wheels when the frame only costs £274!

  • samhedgessamhedges Posts: 83
    Good job! I'd love to be brave enough to do the same..
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    Pretty much finished! latest additions 9 speed cassette and Tiagra shifters to go with the Ulterga cranks and Ultegra 6500 rear mech.
  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    That looks great, Nice job.
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