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Tarmac SL4.



  • ianhoianho Posts: 170
    Great way to get over a divorce. Superb looking black bike there. I love everything that's black.
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  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986

    Yes, I used to R & D/Test bikes for Cervelo but broke so many BB's with my power they fired me though they let me keep the top. 8)

    Nice Pete :)
  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    Here it is in hill mode. I climbed 4,600 feet today and its great pointing up despite me being a 'sprinter' as they say.

    Mavic Open Pro 28 spoke front and back with 3x on drive side for stiffness. Great wheels, better than any factory stuff and cheap as chips with DT Swiss hubs. Shod with Veloflex which are great and ride better with latex, but they blow to easily.

  • GabboGabbo Posts: 864
    These are bloody nice when the frames are small.
  • SmithsterSmithster Posts: 117
    That is a bloody lovely bike. Unlike me, I remarried and can now only afford an allez sport...:(
  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    I think if I did get a carbon bike in the future it would be a Tarmac. I love them!

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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