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Fixed Bike P0rn Alert!

WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 5,228
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I often browse their website for the latest paint jobs on dream bikes I'd like to own some day, but they've added this recently... for all you fixie fans. Full titanium custom frame, 3T carbon forks and Lightweight tubs on a fixie!?!??!


There's more photos on their website of it. Lush...

Rapha paint scheme apparently. A showpiece bike for them perhaps?
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  • InitialisedInitialised Posts: 3,047
    I just jizzed in my pants.
    I used to just ride my bike to work but now I find myself going out looking for bigger and bigger hills.
  • optimisticbikeroptimisticbiker Posts: 1,657
    I do like the clean lines of a fixie with no brakes... lovely
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  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,249
    bike porn...luckly its after the watershed !
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
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