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2010 Fox Float 32 RL Forks

stephenlovattstephenlovatt Posts: 33
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi All,
I have a set of Fox Float 32 Rl forks with 140mm travel. On viewing You Tube videos & the Fox manual all the instructions for removing the lockout cap tell you to remove three small grubs screws before lifting off the lockout cap, which I had on my previous forks and was familiar with. My forks do not have these grub screws and I'm guessing the are secured by some kind of snap ring below the lockout cap. I tried carefully levering of the lockout cap but gave up as it seemed it might bend or snap before it came free.
Has anyone got experience of removing this type of lockout cap as I can't find any online advice. Also a bit disappointing that the Fox Manual supplied showed the grub screw lockout cap.

Thanks, Steve.


  • JohnBurtJohnBurt Posts: 94
    I removed mine with a soft faced hammer, bit of a bind to put back on though. ther is a circlip (roundspring type)under the blue lock out lever. I think the Fox service videos shows the ones like yours :- 32 mm Gen 3 O/B RL Service Procedures.
  • Thanks for that John, looks easy when you know how!
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