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DHL Express Delivery Notification scam

pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
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Just a heads up.... I recently ordered some stuff from abroad last week, by sheer fluke, or maybe not? I got what I now know to be a malicious email from 'DHL' a couple of days later with a load of spurious details, consignment no. customs ref.etc with a genuine link to DHL embedded in it.

There was also an attachment with 'further info' on it, luckily my antivirus software had deleted by the time it got to my mailbox.

As I was expecting a shipment I clicked away and tried to get the link to the shipment to work, but of course nothing happened, so I phoned DHL to ask them what the crack was and they told me that there's been a rash of these, the file attached to the email contains a trojan horse which will do all sorts of nasties to your computer...

I usually pretty hot on these fake email shinanigans but could of quite easily been got as I was expecting a confirmation email to come through, so take care!
A berm? were you expecting one?

29er race

29er bouncer
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