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Mountain bike race - Yarrow Valley - Trail Quest SMBO

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Calling all Bike Radar Riders near Scottish Borders!

Next round of the origin of Adventure Racing, the Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering League is on 10th June 2012 at Yarrow Valley ! Set to be a great event with a fantastic Race Area for you to take on the challenge!

Mountain Bike Orienteering (MBO) are fun off road event were YOU choose the course! There are 30 electronic checkpoints scattered across a 60 to 100 square kilometre playing area. The winner is the person who collects the most points in a set time (normally 3 or 4 hours)

I've just done Ten Under the Ben and that was a tough day, hopefully things will be a little cooler for Yarrow ! But it will still be as much of a test of endurance for those who want to go flat out, or a relaxed adventure and introduction to the sport for those considering giving it a go for the first time!

Entries for Soloists, Pairs, and the Generation category which gives you the chance to race this adventure with your mountain biking younger selves!

Solo’s – £15
Teams – £25
Generations – £15
Juniors – £10

I dont know of any other events this good that are this affordable!

Check and for details

Last years map

heres our video of the Glentress event!


  • Any body here on Bike Radar thinking of having a go? I'll be at this weekends Scottish XC event at Aberfoyle, riding for Middleden, If you see me feel free to stop me to chat about the SMBO's
  • Great place for a check point!

    Walt and Toni have been busy on a long recce of the course!


    Time to get those entries in!

    Great Prizes and a fantastic course are on the cards for Sunday

    Entry Class Price
    Adult Solo £15.00
    Youth Solo £10.00
    Adult Team (each) £12.50
    Generation (Jnr member) £7.50

    For those travelling from the north this venue is only 30 min south of Glentress so make that stretch and get down to give an event ago!
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