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Rear break help.

bwtmcbwtmc Posts: 31
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey, on my p.2 i have the standard hayes breaks, now on the rear i have had to change the pads, and i have done so with superstar components organic compound pads. Now i have adjused them so there are as tight to the disc without rubbing (as im guessing you should) and they are nice and responsive as far as the break lever is concerned.... but they still arnt stopping me all that well.... i presume this is because they are not yet bedded in....? Correct me if im wrong.

So i supose the real question is, how long before i can expect them to bed in and start working as they should...?

Or is something else afoot?


p.s they have been cleand so have no oil on them also.


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