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My old Giant

mabbomabbo Posts: 117
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I am trying to figure out how ancient my Giant road bike is. (I'm older than the bike, hence the memory issues!!).
Anyway, I am sure I bought the bike in the very late eighties, or early ninties. I bought it at a shop in Padiham, which is near Burnley in Lancashire. I have tried the giant website, but they don't go back before 2006/7.
It's called a Giant Speeder, 14 gears. Purple and White frame. Steel obviously, but was then Giants version of Renolds 501. I know that because originally at the time I was looking at a Dawes bike made of said 501 tubing. At that point in time the Giant had a better groupset, and was less cash. The groupset was Shimano Biopace. 7 speed at the back. Shimano exage brakes.
I would love to know circa what year the bike is. It was new stock in the shop at the time........the latest model. So whenever Giant put it on the market here, would be the year I probably want.
And I can remember quite a lot of what I was doing that year, just not what year it was !!!!!!!!

Any help or views appreciated.
Oh..why do I want to know? Well the bike is still going strong, and just curious.


  • ed_jed_j Posts: 335
    Hi, I happen to have the exact same bike, mine is, like yours still going strong! It is darn hefty though.

    Out of interest, as I'm not the first owner, I'd like to know exactly what yours has, to see what's been changed on mine. I know what I've done, recabled everything and replaced the brake levers, but for example, what pedals does yours have? Mine has horrible plastic things, but they work for going in and out of town on. Also mine has a dawes saddle, which I doubt is original? How about hubs, pair of sach-maillard?

    I found this a while back, just google translate it and you get the gist, it claims the frame was used by a "professional" hence I suppose the upgraded groupset. ... ml&act=url

    He claims 1990.

    Just found this: more photos, high quality too! ... ment275457
  • mabbomabbo Posts: 117
    1990 for original seems around the right year. My colours look a little different to pictures in your link.
    Most of the spec is listed above. The original pedals were a flat plastic quil, but have since been changed.
    Brakes on mine are still the originals, as are the gears. Groupset was changed to something cheap when I gave the bike away for a couple of years. Cables have been replaced. Seat has been changed.

    I'll get some pictures.
  • ed_jed_j Posts: 335
    The colour on the bike on the photo are quite blue, and mine looks very blue in photos too but is in fact a shade of purple in natural light.
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