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what a plank

sungodsungod Posts: 15,255
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out for a ride this morning, lovely day, nice to not get cold and/or wet

after some random fiddling with the adjuster on the rear mech, trying to eliminate an annoying lag on some shifts, i decided to have a good look

held bike up by seat stay, turned cranks, watching closely

there was a noise in the background, my subconscious helpfully informed me that it sounded like a freewheel in the distance

tweaked adjuster until things seemed right

lowered bike

noticed a cool tingle on my right foot, maybe these new footbeds aren't quite right suggested the helpful subconscious, had an experimental toe wiggle, all seemed ok

turned to mount up, then, and only then, did i see the wet patch on the road

slowly the dots joined up in my head

with the bike held up, the water bottle had gently decanted the entire contents onto the headtube, along the forks and finally onto my foot

refilled at a cafe

two more hours with a soggy foot, some things never change
my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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