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Dentdale Beauty And The Beast

Penfold06Penfold06 Posts: 161
Anyone do the beast route today? If so, what did you think?

Personally I was really impressed with the organisation and the whole setup in general, particularly as it was it's first year. Route was beautiful, nice climbs, nice descents and fantastic scenery, buttertubs a particular highlight for me. Oh and the weather was stunning (despite the, at times, 40mph wind), got some fierce tan lines!.



  • Saw this last night when I was updating the site and gutted I missed it looked like a damn good ride, esp with the weather.
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  • Penfold06Penfold06 Posts: 161
    Yeah you missed a good one mate, really nice ride it was. They were taking entries on the day but I guess if you didn't see it until late it would have been a bit short notice. BBQ and a free beer lying flat out on the grass afterwards. Couldn't beat it in this weather!

    I'd recommend it for next year. ;)
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    I was riding in the other direction, and saw plenty coming down off Buttertubs. Beautiful day for riding. The best this year.
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  • plumpyplumpy Posts: 124
    We did it and had a great time - the weather was almost perfect (slightly lighter breeze and from due north next time, please).

    I've done the Etape du Dales twice so it was interesting to climb Coal Road, Nateby Moor and Buttertubs from the opposite direction - personally I thought they were easier, much harder, and slightly easier, respectively.

    With a very small field I guess the organisation didn't really get tested, but it seemed very good - certainly plenty of provender at the feed stops and at the end.
  • lakesludditelakesluddite Posts: 1,337
    I thoroughly enjoyed it as well - I thought the setting was great, the atmosphere fantastic and the course was scenic, challenging and traffic free for the most part. Yes, the wind was a bit of a drag (ho ho) at times, but at least it kept the temperature down a little. I especially liked the signs at the bottom of the climbs stating 'Epic Climb', just to get you into the right mindset!

    I think I got carried away with the excitement of the day, and actually shelled out £5 for a raffle ticket to win a Focus Variado - my other half was convinced we would win it! Sadly I am still waiting for the phone call, and I'm starting to think I actually might not have won.

    Great event, great weather, great location, I'll definitely be back next year (especially as it's only 40 minutes from home).
  • Penfold06Penfold06 Posts: 161
    Plumpy - I haven't done much riding in the dales so it was my first time for all the climbs bar one. Coal road was tough, i probably found it the hardest if I'm honest because it came so close into the ride I just wasn't warmed up enough. Nateby was a nice climb up until the last stretch when the gradient really kicked up for quite a distance. I found buttertubs the easiest because of that really useful tailwind we had. Kingsdale was a bit of a beast, made worse when my chain started to skip like mad in the bottom two gears (turned out my chain was pretty darn worn), I've descended Kingsdale before and it makes for a scary fast ride, couple of dodgy corners o the way down.

    LakesLuddite - sorry to be the barer of bad news but you didn't win it... I di... haha no I didn't but they announced it afterwards over by the beer tent. It was won by a Dentdale resident, I think second and third also went to Dentdale residents as well... at least you tried though :(

    But yes, I'll be back next year as well.
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