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New Gravity/ play frame :)

Scratch n sodaScratch n soda Posts: 52
edited May 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi there,

Recently iv'e been wanting to purchase a Gravity/ playframe. However i have been inundated with choice! :lol:
The frame need to dominate on trail sections ( e.g trail centres), bikeparks ( swiss, Chicksands) and also HAS to be pedalable- i don't want to spend 30 minuetes peddaling and find iv'e made it across the car park :D The frame also needs to be able to take 160-180mm of travel.
Iv'e Looked at:

Trek scratch 9 frame- I like the look of this, good suspension and also can be peddaled.

NS Soda- Looks like one fun bike ;)

ALso considered transition bikes.. Not sure if a bottle rocket would suit?
On that note i was wondering if an ultra-fun play bike would also be like a blackmarket killswitch, transtion bottlerocket or dartmoor Shine?

Finally, ive looked at Nukeproof Mega :)

As you can see im lost for choice to please help!!


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