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Cheap wheels - what to be wary of?

StusterStuster Posts: 33
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Hi All

I'm currently riding around on the original rear wheel that came with my 12 year old Trek 1000, and a random front wheel borrowed to replace the front one which died in a crash. So 2 pretty basic mismatched wheels!

Looking to pay no more than £150 for 2 new ones, and have no idea what I should be looking for or avoiding? The ones that have caught my eye are:

Shimano R501 C30 - £75
Shimano RS10 - £99
Shimano RS20 - £125
Planet X Model C - £130
Fulcrum Racing 7 - £137
Mavik Aksium - £137

As regards cheap wheels, is there likely to be a difference between a £75 set and a £140 set? Also, I understand that Shimano wheels have non standard spokes so are a pain if they brake? The other thing I'm unsure of is bearings - do some wheels have different types ie sealed etc and is there a particular type to look out for?

As you can tell I'm totally ignorant of all the technicalities so any guidance is much appreciated!



  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    Fulcrum 7's are ultra-reliable at that price. The Mavic Aksium's come with tyres and tubes, so are a very good package at that price
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    Nothing wrong with my Fulcrum 7's - even set fastest long flat segments on Strava on them.

    The Shimano R501's are a £130 wheelset that you can buy for under £70 from Ribble, so a bit of a bargain really. Free postage offered till next Thursday too!!
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