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Help on picking a Hybrid for a newbie

cohubscohubs Posts: 5
Hello all,

Im looking to buy a Hybrid bike for comuting around town with my son on the back in a child seat. Im a total beginner to riding and although i have been looking for a bike for awhile i just dont understand the specs etc and the shop people seem to confuse me more so looking for some impartial advice. Im looking to spend around £300, need a step through cross bar as my son wiggles alot so need to be easy on/off for me. Most of my riding will be on the roads but i want to be able to go on river/canal trails too. My current really cheap bike is impossible to ride with my son as the gears do not seem to help me with the added.... growing weight, i feel i have to pedal consently just to go at a snails pace in quite a high gear on flats!!! Like i said i dont really know anything about bikes but i see people riding with such ease and going at a good pace, im a very active person so fitness isnt the issue i dont think. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Thank you for your time.


  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    You could do worse than something like this: ... s%20hybrid

    Best bet is to find a good local bike shop (LBS) to give you advice & answer questions & hopefully they'll have a suitable bike in your budget; I would be going on brand name as much as anything. ChildSeat needs to be the right one for your needs, too. I appreciate not everyone has a good LBS, though.

    May I suggest that you ask the question again somewhere like Mumsnet? Put it in the chat or ethical living fora.
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