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cent cols

bobhitchbobhitch Posts: 87
evening ,
Is anyone out there doing the pyrenees this year?
I've just signed up for the 50 cols doing the stages 5-10 :shock: ,would loved to have attempted the whole thing but work/family commitments mean that 2 weeks away from home would be a bit much !.
Only just plucked up the courage as i wanted to see how the legs were doing throughout spring before committing.
I've done plenty of riding in the alps including a multi day trip and an etape in the pyrenees, but the days on cent cols are ,without doubt, the toughest I will have done ,especially five back to back.
I've probably bitten off more than I can chew but if I don't try then I'll never know,
lots of training planned for next 4 months - but it still makes me feel nervous/excited when i think about it :D .
Would be interested to know others thoughts/preparations either those of you have had a go or are on one of this years offerings.

cheers bob


  • bobhitchbobhitch Posts: 87
    Anyone :?:
  • Le CommentateurLe Commentateur Posts: 4,099
    Well, it's averaging 200kms a day and up to 10 cols a day (though some of those are on the way down from higher ones or are near neighbours). To me it seems about as appealing as a food eating contest, but I have a friend who is training for one of these trips (can't remember which range of mountains). Training appears to be after-work rides for base and climbing technique, long endurance rides or sportives at weekends, as well as a mid-week circuit training for strength.

    Obviously don't get suckered in to racing other people up climbs – trips like these attract egomaniacs – and when you get back you'll need to keep carbo loading for a few days afterwards, otherwise you'll feel worse by the mid-week if you go straight back to your usual calorie intake.
  • lmrtlmrt Posts: 935
    Hi Bob
    In a recent (within the last year) Arrivee Magazine (The Audax UK members mag), a guy had written up his experiences from riding the 100 cols. I think you might be able to look at a copy online, do a google for Audax UK and have a look. If no luck, lmk and I'll see if I can find the hard copy at home and scan it to you or something.
    Basically, it was an extremely tough challenge. Some of the other participants were elite athletes (8th in the Marmotte, double iron man competitors etc.) They had to cope with extremes of weather from broiling hot to bitterly cold rain.
    The organisers were superb, the main guy rode all the climbs with the group. They had a doctor as part of the back up crew. Extremely long days sometimes finishing in the dark. By the end of the fortnight most participants ended up with some kind of ailment.
    Get in the best shape you can and carry absolutely no extra lard!
    Good luck
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