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So a couple of weeks ago ordered 501b torch ... 8650-55241

As well as a trustfire batts and charger.
A few weeks later no sign that it had been shipped, so emailed them.
Got a reply saying can i wait a few more days and they will try to ship it asap.

A week later no sign, so again i emailed them, their reply was this
Thank you for shopping with us. Kindly inform you that we have not shipped the item 55241 5790 13820 as it was short of stock in our warehouse,and we are not quite sure the restock time of it. Would you like to pick up something else on our website?We are glad to make a change for you(tell me the item number).

So it seems that they dont put on their website when they have no stock of items so you are ordering out of stock items, of which i have been billed for :(

My question is this, what should i buy instead? / whats the next best thing instead of getting 501b, or should i just ask for refund and go elsewhere ?

Hopefully this just shows that ordering from DX isnt allways best it seems given they dont tell you about out of stock items....
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