Mavic CXP22 or Shimano RS10 or ?

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To cut a long story short _ Specialized have offered to replace my standard fit CXP22 wheels from my 2011 Tricoss Sport, due to problems with rusty bearings on originals.

They have offered to replace them with Shimano RS10 wheels or will offset the cost of these against another set of my choice with me paying the difference. Problem is I can't afford to pay for better wheels ( perhaps max budet of £50).

My question is - are the Shimano RS10 wheels better than the Mavic CXp22? Are they lighter,roll better, etc.
They certainly look nicer.
What should I do - take the Shimanos? ask for CXP22's again or something else?
What about MAvic Aksiums?


  • jomoj
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    personally, I'd stick with the Mavics if you're riding a cross bike - more spokes means more reliability. FWIW I bought a secondhand pair of specialized built CXP22 / tiagra wheels and they've been great for the daily grind and some off roading. The RS10s look fancy but I wouldn't trust the radial front wheel on rough stuff, I'm sure someone will contradict my suspiscion with some first hand experience though :)

    Rusty bearings just means they weren't adequately greased or maintained - so ask the LBS to pack them with more grease or do it yourself before you fit them.
  • sporttourer
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    Sorry - forgot to mention - I don't go off road. All my riding is on roads, albeit a lot on narrow country lanes that can be a bit rough,potholed & muddy when its wet.
    Also currently running Vittoria Rubino pro 25's.
  • keef66
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    My RS10's have remained factory fresh for 4 years now with no attention apart from a regreasing of the bearings.

    I ride all year round, much of it on pretty dodgy country roads / lanes

    Never taken a spoke key to them. Which is a good job, since I understand the nipples are an odd size.
  • wishitwasallflat
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    I was in exactly same position took the RS10 as an upgrade 1k miles ago and no problems they are defo better than the OEM Spesh Mavic hub wheels. I am seriously heavy so if hey cope with me ...
  • russyh
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    I am also really pleased with my RS10's I am heavy (92kg) and they seem to be holding up well for me!!