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All black carbon edit: more pics

KardioversionKardioversion Posts: 5
edited July 2012 in Your road bikes
This is my new FM028 frame with 60 mm wheels and SRAM rival groupset. Replaced my trek 1.1 and it's an amazing difference. Let me know if you have any questions!

here's a video I made halfway through a ride:

Here's a list of everything weighed out:


  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    Nice video review :)
  • suddonssuddons Posts: 67
    big & big ; )
  • very stealth!
    Ribble Stealth
    previous: Kiron Scandium, 80's Raleigh Equipe, Striker :)
  • Thanks for the comments. Took the bike out to a group ride Tuesday night and was pleasantly surprised at all the comments I got on it.
  • Just some more detail-oriented shots of my FM028, thought someone may want a new wallpaper :)
  • Fatini999Fatini999 Posts: 66
    Hey weird question but how did you get it to stand up...?
  • Fatini999 wrote:
    Hey weird question but how did you get it to stand up...?
    I put it slightly off the road and used the pedal to prop against the asphalt. The other photo I just used to pedal to prop against the stone wall
  • ameyamey Posts: 430
    where did you get the wheels from? Can you also put the cost of the stuff that you got from china including shipping + fees + customs if you dont mind?
  • The look of this bike is great, would love to own something similar.
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  • ianhoianho Posts: 170
    Superb looking bike maaaaaaaaaan. Blacked out bikes are ROCK!
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