Holux GPSport245

The Man Chump
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Has anone got one of these, I've got one today and am struggling with some of the functions.

How can I save files as GPX files
Can I get the average speed on the screen as I cycle?

Please help if you can


  • Cleat Eastwood
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    have you checked the online user guide


    re the gpx export - seems you need

    the Holux ezTour software from the included CD ROM allows routes and training data to be read from the GPS unit. Routes are shown overlaid on a Google Map provided the computer has a live internet connection. Recorded points of interest are shown as a small target and clicking them displays precise position, time, and altitude information.

    Using the latest version of the EZTour for Logger software - Version 2.01 and above - routes can be shown on a Google Map and the data can be interrogated in detail and plotted as graphs. Data can be edited, exported to Google Earth or saved as .gpx files for importing into other software that supports the .gpx format.
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  • I have checked the online guide, but there isn't much there.
    I've seen Ave speed in the screen shots it must be there somewhere?!
    Someone must have one?