Compression Wear?

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I see that Lidl, from Thursday, are doing some compression gear. ... date=31371

For the price, might be worth a punt.
Just wondering if anyone out there has a 'pennysworth' on the subject of compressionwear as, after searching, the (rather old) thread Compression clothing...does it actually work? seems to suggest that the effect is placebo-esque.
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    As far as I am concerned it does work, when doing try or duathlons I wear compression calfs/socks and notice the difference, plus I have some Skins gear for post racing recovery. However will say that I can't see they make me significantly quicker but they do reduce aches and pains during racing and make recovery that bit faster.

    Plus they probably do have a phycological effect too as I think they help so therefore my brain tells me they do.

    Take a look a the pro peloton/triathletes there are massive amount who wear either racing and use to aid recovery and its safe to say they have some good medical back up recommending it to them. However I'm sure that there are some who do not and would advise its a waste of time.

    As guess you pay your money and your make your own choice.
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    How about the stuff is just comfortable to wear as a base layer?
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    My Skins top is a good base layer, good wicking and comfy, I wear it almost every ride now...

    The most recent, genuine scientific, study I saw suggests that they are beneficial at low intensities and for recovery, but at high intensities they make no definable difference.
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    I have a Tenn compression base layer, all I would say is that if you have a bit if a belly and its a bit tight I sometimes think its restricting my breathing a bit. Other than that I don't notice anything different or better. :D
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    Going to take a punt on them at that price