Look what I built :) - my new bike

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I decided as I could not get exactly what I wanted by buying a complete bike, that I would source the parts myself and get what I wanted and then build it myself.

This I did which considering on my last bike I only cleaned the chain/gears - pumped the tires was a big step forward.

Anyway apart from a mishap with the ordering of the groupset all went very well. I totally enjoyed the experience of building it myself (process was u-tube, manual, build, disassemble, rebuild) and found it really therapeutic.

Also by taking my time in buying the parts I was able to save about £1,200 on list price if I had bought it off the shelf - if you have the time - I really recommend it. I also now have a load of new tools and in-depth knowledge of my bike.

I had to get the BB30 bearings fitted at the LBS as the tool for that was too much to warrant for a one off and then I paid for a professional bike fit when it was completed.

And then end result!




To put it simply I am as happy as a pig in sh1t!


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    Nice one! You should be very proud of yourself. Hope you enjoy riding it as much as you enjoyed building it. Just out of interest, what was the 'groupset' mishap?

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    Congratulations! Looks great! Just goes to show what can be done when you put your mind to it.
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    Wel dun, If only Bike Radar had a 'Your Bikes' section :wink:
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    ShutUpLegs wrote:
    Wel dun, If only Bike Radar had a 'Your Bikes' section :wink:

    hmmmm - OK I was umming and arrhhing whereto post this! I gathered from the tone of your post I missed the proper place :) - now I see it!

    Re the qroupset - it was nothing major - the bike is a mix of Sram Red and Force - the shop I ordered it from, ballsed up the order, delivering things late and then delivering the wrong parts - in total it delayed me for 2-3 very annoying weeks!

    I am loving riding the bike, the acceleration and handling are a joy, out on the flat it is almost effortless to break the speed limit, I am still sh1t on hills though. I think the total weight is about 7.5 kg but I have yet to accurately measure it. I could make it lighter by a bit but I cant afford new wheels yet and I love my saddle too much. Having gone from a fast road hybrid to this, requires a small amount of retraining - I need to improve my flexibility a bit and strengthen my neck muscles a bit - but I did 60 miles on the weekend with no major aches so I am getting used to it fast.

    Like I say though - if people have the time - read a few books on bike geometry, groupsets, gearing etc etc and then plan your own bike - try the bike frame out before buying though at the LBS or from a friend to check the size (I did this and still came very close to a cropper). Building the bike really was such a joy and a fun learning experience and for me also saved a good amount of cash. The wife nagged a lot about it, but I was in the garage so I didn't hear her :)
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    Very nice indeed. How much did it cost you to do it that way?
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    Readers' Bikes. 8)
    I say.
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    houndlegs wrote:
    Very nice indeed. How much did it cost you to do it that way?

    Built the thing for about £2,400 + about £80 on extra tools.

    I had about 2 months to look around for best deals though as I was waiting for the insurance cheque. Things like the wheels cost less because I won £250 from Evans bike shop for a review I did. The saddle was £180 but I carried that over from my other bike.
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    Very nice bike
  • Very clean. Must admit having been out a few times on my new bike i think a differing saddle is required, how do you find the SMP ?
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    I eventually got it off eBay from a German shop. They are available from UK sellers though. The hardest thing is trying one out before you buy - unless you have a LBS nearby which stocks them then it is a real risk buying one.

    Evans were very kind and let me use their ass-o-meter to measure my sit bones so at least I got the right model - but buying it was a real risk. I took the opinion though that as they were so rare I could sell it as new on eBay for at least 9o% of the price I paid - but I bought it as cheap as possible to lessen the potential loss - I got it about £30 cheaper.

    The selle smp site does have a very good range of sizes and saddle types with varying padding to out and out carbon. You can see them all on the site here:


    I did a review on the saddle on my blog which you can flick through here:

    http://ukmambo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/s ... eview.html

    I am very happy with the choice - but was unhappy to take such a big risk on such a very expensive product (RRP about £180 for mine) without being able to try it out first though at an LBS.

    I did a lot of investigation into the saddle purchase - maybe 20 hours - investigating the comfort and health benefits - so I didn't make the choice lightly.