Frequent Punctures

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I have been cycling for 2 years, on Continental Ultra Sport tyres 23mm, riding at 120psi, weight 83kg and have covered 1800-2000 miles. During that time only experienced one puncture whilst out on the road and another couple of slow punctures where the tyre has deflated over the course of a week after the ride.

I have now had five punctures in the space of 3 rides so maybe i have been very fortunate up until now but on my recent run of bad luck all punctures there is no noticeably thorn or protusion that appears to have cause the puncture ? I have noticed that the last two in the space of half a mile have been on quite coarse tarmac country roads.

Could it be a case that the rolling surface of the tyre is now too thin although there are no noticeable holes or cord showing ?


  • arthur_scrimshaw
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    I replace tyres when I start getting frequent punctures - usually means they're shot.
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    Your p*nctures must be caused by something, so it is just a case that you haven't found out what it is yet.

    How about doing the following: take your tyre off and, under a bright light, turn it inside out and go around slowly, checking with your thumb to push out the tyre. If you don't find the cause, stick the tyre back on but ensure that you line the logo up with the valve. Then, when you do punct*re next time, when you get home find the leak using the old tube in a bath trick and then line the tube up with the tyre to find out where the offending article is. Sometimes I find that getting the bit out (small shard of glass that has worked its way through, etc.) results in the tyre cutting up and being a write off anyway but there you go.

    Good luck.