Ritchey V2 Seatpost

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Hi Guys n Girls,

Just a quick question, does anybody have the Ritchey V2 seatpost and is it any good?

I was looking at maybe buying one in white, or possibly to On One Twelfty, also in white. Not sure which is best.
Dimensions needed are 27.2 mm x 400mm.
Budget around £35.00

Thanks for any advise given...



  • blister pus
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    I've got the older 27.2x400 Ritchey Comp post and paid 20 quid for it new. The V2 is marginally lighter and 10 quid more expensive. It's a nice enough post but it ain't worth that price hike. If it were me and I needed white then I'd give the Twelfty a shot.