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pothole accident london SE17

jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
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Dear all,

i would be grateful for some advice. last tuesday i was cycling down Walworth Rd SE17 when I hit a massive pothole covered by a puddle. rather stupidly I was using an old carbon training wheel on my commuter which smashed like the piece of plastic it is really, leaving me somersaulting down the road.

I was not much injured (and interested to note how much less grazed i was from the wet road surface than from a dry one...), the wheel was a stupid one for commuting, and normally I tend to be fairly relaxed about this sort of thing. I have been commuting in London for 10 years, have come off numerous times, and only once pursued compensation when a car hit me head on.

so I'm not going to make a big deal about this, but the pothole is an absolute shocker and I want to at least send an email of complaint to whoever is responsible. I took photos of the hole the next day (by which time it had barrier around it) and of the wheel, but I didn't get witness details or statements, nor go to a doctor- not worth my time really- so I wouldn't take this to court etc.

But I'd be interested in advice/experience about what simple actions might be worth doing, to get an apology or the cots of a wheel (which was only about £100 off ebay anyway). The area is in LB Southwark, but I assume as a major road its TFL?

fgg 1666


  • marksimon69marksimon69 Posts: 62
    Have a look through this ........... some good advice.
    I got £450 compensation from Bucks CC when a pothole wrecked my two car wheeels
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  • jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
    thanks, will have a look. anyone claimed from tfl?
    fgg 1666
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