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Please support me and my friend's son who needs a heart tran

brettjmccbrettjmcc Posts: 1,361
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So firstly, I appreciate that Big Jim is running a thread to raise money to help William and in no means wish to detract from that at all.
I’ve decided to ride from Paris to London in 3 days to raise funds for the BHF (British Heart Foundation), so they can help research and prevent people being affected by and unfortunately dying prematurely from heart disease.

I am doing this to support my friends, Matt and Catherine, because I want to support them as my friends and what they are going through at the moment.

Their beautiful son Joshua suffers from Cardiomyopathy ( ... pathy.aspx)

At just 10 months old Joshua, see below, needs a heart transplant and for over 2 months has been living in ICU at GOSH – most recently he has required to be fitted with an external pump called a Berlin Heart. While he continues to make progress, the work that people do at the BHF and GOSH is making continual progress to help families like Matt and Catherine.


I appreciate that we all get asked for sponsorship all the time, so if anyone can support it would be very much appreciated in trying to assist and help combat heart disease. Thank you all in advance

My Just Giving page is here:
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  • essjaydeeessjaydee Posts: 917
    Donated and all the best to Joshua for the future :wink:
    Hope you have a good ride too :)

    Come on you lot out there...instead of wasting your money on a lottery ticket, donate it to help this little chap and numerous others in a similar situation :idea:
  • Peddle Up!Peddle Up! Posts: 2,040
    Done. Good luck guys.
    Purveyor of "up" :)
  • brettjmccbrettjmcc Posts: 1,361
    Thank you very much for your support guys it is very much appreciated.

    The good news is that it looks like today they are going to assesswhether Joshua can leave ICU for the first time in over 2 months and go to the HDU instead :)
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  • CambsNewbieCambsNewbie Posts: 564
    Donation made. Good luck.
  • Big Jim1Big Jim1 Posts: 182
    Doing well Brett. Hope Joshua's doing ok. 2 months of PICU is rotten. We've had 3 visits there, but in total they were no more than 10 days. 2 months wow, that must be really hard on the parents. Best of luck to them.
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    Well done Brett, at first I thought that this was one of those awkward situations where the 'sponsorship' is actually paying mostly for the cost of the bike ride, but having looked it up on the BHF website, it would appear that all of the sponsorship goes direct to BHF, so I'm in, donation made.

    In fact I'm so much in, I'm tempted to do the ride myself next year (once I've had my own transplant that is, although its only a valve, not an entire heart). :D
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