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Anyone raced in Luxembourg?

majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
edited June 2012 in Amateur race
Does anyone have experience of racing in Luxembourg? I actually grew up there but ironically did not develop an interest in cycling until moving to Scotland for university.

I was wondering idly if it would be feasible to race there on my BC license. I realise the standard is probably rather high as with most of the continent but it could be amusing to give it a go if the cost isn't prohibitive. I've obviously looked at the FSCL site ( but I can't see any mention of foreign licenses.


  • ProssPross Posts: 23,757
    Have a look at this should be possible with full BC licence and letter of permission from BC. I'm sure their membership people will be able to give advice. Working out what category to ride in might be the hardest part.
  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    Thanks Pross, I'll shoot them an email.
  • esafosfinaesafosfina Posts: 131
    Pack a 23 or 25 sprocket! It's, er... lumpy to say the least! I rode a couple of kermesse style races down there, Fleche du Sud, and the Tour de Lux a few times... usually really good roads.
  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780
    you could aim for a podium but I think there are 2 quick geezers from there, can't TT for toffee tho ;-)
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