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Commuting with a camera

gixernickgixernick Posts: 180
edited May 2012 in Commuting general
I'd like to use a video camera on my commute however I can't find one that will last for the full 2hrs of the journey, at a reasonable price.
Any one offer any advice?


  • markstevenmarksteven Posts: 208
    i bought a£30 quid 1 off ebay last year, uses micro sd my commute is 2 hours & it lasted no prob , cant remember which 1 it is but it looks like a torch , good pic but sound is not great lots of whoooosh
  • marksimon69marksimon69 Posts: 62
    Got one of these ........ brilliant for such a small piece of kit .... need to buy a bigger SD card for it though ... B0029631VI
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