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New Polar HRM - Recommendations

captain_oakleycaptain_oakley Posts: 222
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Old faithful has finally given up the ghost, after many years of faithful service. I have about £250 limit, does not
have to be cycle/run specific, but for all round general fitness - Gym/Spinning/Cycle, etc.

Any recommendations (I would prefer to stick with Polar)

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  • p9umap9uma Posts: 565
    Not Polar but I bought this the other day ... 00_s00_i00

    At a 140 queens it's a deal, a steal the sale of the feckin' century. Nearly 300 on the Garmin site.
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  • ProssPross Posts: 34,765
    I've got a CS200 which has been very good so far. Possibly getting on of the watch based versions though if you want to use it at the gym as well. I use my strap in the gym as it's compatible with the cardio equipment but spinning bikes don't tend to have that capability. The downside is that the CS200 won't work on the rear wheel so no good for turbo work so again the watch based running models may be better with a seperate cheapy rear wheel computer as an addition.
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