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DuncanandthemachineDuncanandthemachine Posts: 263
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Hi Folks,

Stupid question time.

Looking to enter my first official TT, just wanted to check a detail...

In the CTT handbook there is an entry price listed, usually about £7.50. However upon completing the form I see that it says

'I enclose entry fee of £? Including CTT Levy'

Presumably this £2 levy should be added to the entry fee and isn't already included, thus making a £7.50 event £9.50?

Yours in ignorance!


  • sub55sub55 Posts: 1,025
    the £ in the book is what you pay. the levi is included in that price.
    Further more , although some riders enclose stamped addressed envelopes , but theres no need.
    Its also becoming more common to enter on line now.
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Just the price it says in the handbook, which includes the levy

    I'd also check the CTT website ... fault.aspx
    - might be some change to organiser or something after the book was printed

    So far, few events allow online entries, it only came in this year, but number will grow as more organisers adopt it
    - there's an premium of 50p for online entry, but that's how much a stamp is these days !
    - and it also saves you having to fill in the form each time, as it remembers your details

    No SAE needed, in fact tick the box for startsheet and results by email and the organiser will send these by email rather than through post
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