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Best non-zig zag place to watch olympics.

brianonyxbrianonyx Posts: 170
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So I got the option to buy 4 Olympic tickets and instead of buying road cycling tickets on zig zag hill I bought tickets for the misses and daughters to go and watch some horses poncing about in Grenwich.

Instead, the Son and I were thinking of cycling (or driving) down to some vantage point where we could see the peloton scream by. As I don't know the area very well, does anyone have any suggestions for where would be a good place to park ourselves??


  • ProssPross Posts: 34,820
    I've gone the exact same situation. Watching the 3 day event XC day on the Monday so going up for the weekend and watching the road race. I've started a thread on pro race - Rick is talking about watching in Fulham and finding a good pub, after that my next choice would be Richmond Park as I really don't know London and Surrey well at all.
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 65,363 Lives Here
    Pross wrote:
    I Rick is talking about watching in Fulham and finding a good pub,

    I will be doing my upmost to do arrange this.

    It's the honed Belgian way to watch it and AFAIAC it's the best way to watch live.

    We watch them go past, retire to the pub, watch the box hill laps & the run in, quickly pop out to cheer them on on their way back before watching the finish in the pub.

  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 65,363 Lives Here
    Oh, and anyone is welcome. I'll be posting /discussing the arrangements nearer the time (when pubs can tell me if they're showing it or not...)
  • 2Phat4Rapha2Phat4Rapha Posts: 238
    East Molesey. It's just on the southern side of Hampton Court bridge where they have to do a sharp right, arc a roundabout and bunch into a chicane. Saw the practice run there and it was great, right next to the action. From there it's a rather straight 5 miles or so through to Walton and then on to Weybridge. Cafés and pubs in the little high street but if they're too busy, ask for East Molsey Cricket club as they have a nice café right on the riverside. Maybe even take the kids into the Place (though it's expensive). Otherwise yes, Richmond Park would be good. Loads of wide open space. Somewhere near Richmond gate maybe and a pint in the Roebuck afterwards.
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