Sprained toe not healing

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Im tormented by a Toe sprain Do cycling shoes and clips help in protecting the toe?Any tips on cycling with a toe sprain will be appreciated ..


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    I don't know the specifics on sprained toes, but I have apparently sprained my knuckle on my right hand (what a ridiculous injury :roll: ) and have been told it can take up to 3 months to heal :shock:

    My knuckle has been a lovely purple / green colour for about 3 weeks now, I can move it ok it's massively swollen and it hurts like hell if I accidentally bash it against something :(

    Anyway, I guess time will sort you out! Good luck with the shoes..... :D
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    If its not healing, it might be a hairline fracture. Worth an XRay. If its still not good after a few more weeks ask for an MRI. My wife went months with a 'sprain' according to the NHS, went private and 10 minutes after the MRI had a hairline fracture diagnosed. Its much better now, but still gives here grief, as it took so long to heal.

    SPD shows, especially more 'aggressive' DH and free ride ones are good for preventing this type of injury, as the shoe is solid on the sole and usually has a toe box to protect the toes. Cant help you on what to do right now though, (other than checking its not a fracture), sorry!
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    Thanks for replies..Was thinking on the same lines..Toe fracture etc..but saw an osteopath and sports injury physio in the end..lots of foot bone charts on wall etc.. so they do more than just backs..Reckons its fallen arches that pull and strain all the muscles in our foot espec toe cos your foot leans as you walk or pedal.and bodyweight or pressure strains your toes .Arched insoles needed to keep your toes aligned properly.Affects heels and knees too apparantly....